Smokehouse Trio - Smoked Salt Collection

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Smokehouse Trio - Smoked Salt Collection

SaltWorks’ journey began over 10 years ago with the hunt for the worlds’ finest gourmet salts. This pursuit quickly became an obsession to handcraft the most delicious smoked and all-natural flavored sea salts ever created. SaltWorks is now proud to present our most distinctive smoked varieties, offered together in this beautiful collection.

Created with Snowflake®, the only artisanal sea salt drawn from the waters of the Pacific Northwest, each Smokehouse variety is carefully crafted using our authentic smoking process, ensuring the ultimate in savory, wood-fired flavor. From the bold, smoky flavor of Bonfire to Wildfire’s earthy, down-home taste and Hellfire’s new twist on our signature heat, these three incredible varieties will transform any dish. Take everyday cooking to a whole new level with SaltWorks’ Bonfire, Wildfire & Hellfire all-natural gourmet sea salts.

Includes: 2.5oz jars of Bonfire®, Wildfire® & Hellfire® • 1 glass serving tray • 3 salt spoons

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